Czech Translation & Interpreting


Czech interpretation with ease and professionalism

Interpretation of Czech for your business

We provide consecutive interpretation into Czech from English and German for your commercial, technical and expert meetings. For smaller scale meetings, the consecutive interpreting is the tool of choice as no additional equipment is required.

We conduct our business mainly in Prague and Central Bohemia, but escort interpreter services are available under individual terms.

Czech Interpretation Rates

Consecutive Interpretation Daily rate
(w/o VAT)
Hourly rate
(w/o VAT)
English, German, Spanish, Russian 5 000 CZK 600 CZK

We are VAT payers, VAT 21% will be added to the above rates.

Travel expenses and travel time (hourly rate only) charged separately. Hourly rate applies to up to 4 hours per day.

Please contact us for more information on pricing.